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Home Emergency Assistance

Our home insurance policies can include home emergency assistance, providing cover for sudden, unexpected incidents requiring immediate corrective action, like burst pipes or electrical breakdown.

Impact of Home Renovations

Major renovations can increase the rebuilding cost of your home, which may require an increase in your building sum insured. Small changes might not affect the policy, but insurers appreciate being kept informed.

Coverage for High-Value Items

High-value items might require being listed separately on your policy to be adequately covered. Check with your insurer about the single-item limit on your policy.

Occupancy and Your Insurance

Most policies require you to inform the insurer if the house is going to be unoccupied for a continuous period, typically more than 30 days, because an empty home is more at risk.

Students and Home Insurance

Many home insurance policies extend a certain level of cover to personal possessions of family members temporarily living away for education, under the ‘contents temporarily removed from the home’ section.

lternative Accommodation Coverage

If an insured event leaves your home unfit to live in, your policy can cover the cost of alternative accommodation for you and your pets until the home is restored.

Dealing with Underinsurance

Underinsurance happens when the sum insured is less than the cost of rebuilding your home or replacing your contents. Regularly reviewing and adjusting your coverage can help avoid this situation.

Bonus Offers

Up to 50% off fees


This combination is a good choice for renters who wish to insure their car along with their rented living space. It covers your vehicle and offers insurance for your rented property, ensuring you’re protected against unforeseen incidents.

Up to 50% off fees


Ideal for those who frequently travel, this combination covers your vehicle and offers travel insurance benefits. Whether you’re on a road trip or flying abroad, you’ll have protection for your car and yourself during your journeys.

Up to 50% off fees


Ideal for those who frequently travel, this combination covers your vehicle and offers travel insurance benefits. Whether you’re on a road trip or flying abroad, you’ll have protection for your car and yourself during your journeys.

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Everything you need to know about Breeze home insurance

Q1: What's the difference between buildings and contents insurance?
Buildings insurance, in the context of the Irish market, covers the physical structure of your home – the bricks and mortar, so to speak – as well as permanent fixtures like fitted kitchens and bathrooms. This should cover the full rebuild cost of your home. On the other hand, contents insurance covers the personal belongings inside your home. This can range from furniture and appliances to clothing and personal items. Some policies even cover items in your garden or outbuildings.
Q2: Are my valuables covered away from home?
In many home insurance policies in Ireland, there is an option for “all risks” or “personal possessions” cover. This typically provides coverage for personal belongings outside your home, often anywhere in the world. It can include items like jewellery, laptops, and bicycles. However, there might be limits on the value of items you can claim, and high-value items may need to be listed separately.
Q3: Does home insurance cover accidental damage?
Accidental damage cover is typically available as an optional extra on home insurance policies in Ireland. This can protect you against one-off, unintentional incidents that result in damage to your property or contents. This could include scenarios like spilling red wine on a new carpet or a child knocking over a TV. However, not all incidents may be covered, and there are often exclusions, such as general wear and tear or damage caused by pets, so it’s important to read your policy document carefully.
Q4: Are garden and outdoor items covered by home insurance?
Yes, many home insurance policies in Ireland provide some coverage for garden and outdoor items. This can include items like garden furniture, barbecues, and lawnmowers. However, coverage levels and limits can vary, and higher value items may need to be specified on the policy. In addition, certain risks may not be covered outside the home, such as theft unless the items were securely locked away.
Q5: Will my home insurance cover me for flooding?
In Ireland, whether home insurance policies provide cover for flooding often depends on the flood risk associated with the area where your home is located. If you’re in a high-risk flood area, you may face higher premiums or have certain restrictions on your policy. Always ensure to check the specifics of your policy. Additionally, consider preventative measures, like installing flood barriers, to mitigate potential flood risks.
Q6: Do I need to update my insurer if I make improvements to my home?
Yes, if you make significant improvements to your home, such as an extension or a loft conversion, you should inform your insurer as it could increase the value of your property and therefore affect the rebuild cost, which is what your buildings cover is based on. In Ireland, if the rebuild cost of your home is underestimated, you could be left underinsured, which may lead to you not receiving the full value back if you have to make a claim.