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Personal Belongings Coverage

Many policies include a level of cover for personal belongings kept inside the van. For example, if your personal possessions are stolen from a locked storage compartment in the van, they would be covered up to a specified limit.

Breakdown Assistance and Your Policy

A van insurance policy may include breakdown assistance as an add-on or standard feature. This can provide valuable help such as roadside repairs, towing services, and even onward travel or overnight accommodation in certain situations.

Van Modifications and Insurance

Modifications to your van can have implications for your insurance. Functional changes might improve its value or safety, potentially reducing premiums, while cosmetic changes could increase its attractiveness to thieves, potentially raising premiums.

Usage Categories

The primary use of your van influences the insurance category. Social, domestic, and pleasure usage generally results in lower premiums than commercial usage because the risk of accidents, damage, and theft is considered lower.

Foreign Travel Coverage

Many van insurance policies extend the same cover to driving in the EU as in Ireland, but typically for a limited period. Extended foreign use may be available for an additional premium.

Van Insurance for Young Drivers

Young drivers can be insured on van policies, but premiums are typically higher due to their lack of driving experience and the perceived higher risk. However, with a clean driving record and no claims, premiums can reduce over time.

Driving Abroad Coverage

Many policies offer the same level of cover in the EU as in Ireland for a certain period, typically up to 30 days. After that, the cover may reduce to a basic level unless you notify the insurer.

Bonus Offers

Up to 50% off fees


This combination is a good choice for renters who wish to insure their car along with their rented living space. It covers your vehicle and offers insurance for your rented property, ensuring you’re protected against unforeseen incidents.

Up to 50% off fees


Ideal for those who frequently travel, this combination covers your vehicle and offers travel insurance benefits. Whether you’re on a road trip or flying abroad, you’ll have protection for your car and yourself during your journeys.

Up to 50% off fees


Ideal for those who frequently travel, this combination covers your vehicle and offers travel insurance benefits. Whether you’re on a road trip or flying abroad, you’ll have protection for your car and yourself during your journeys.

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Everything you need to know about Breeze van insurance

Q1: How is van insurance different from car insurance?

In Ireland, van insurance is typically categorised as commercial vehicle insurance because vans are often used for business purposes. The main difference between the two is the use and the potential risks associated. Van insurance may cover more mileage, business goods in transit, and public liability risks that aren’t typically included in standard car insurance.

Q2: What does 'carriage of own goods' mean in a van insurance policy?

‘Carriage of own goods’ refers to coverage for items you own and use in the course of your work being transported in your van. This could include tools, equipment, or supplies. This type of cover is particularly important for tradespeople who carry expensive tools in their vans.

Q3: What's a no-claims discount in van insurance?

A no-claims discount is a reduction in your van insurance premium that you earn for every year you don’t make a claim. In Ireland, this is usually transferable between insurers, which allows you to shop around for better deals without losing the discount you’ve accrued.

Q4: Can I drive any van with my van insurance policy?

Not necessarily. While some policies might offer coverage for driving other vans, this isn’t a standard feature and often needs to be added separately. Furthermore, the level of cover when driving other vans is usually limited to third-party only, which means damage to the van you’re driving might not be covered.

Q5: Does van insurance cover the contents of my van?

Standard van insurance policies in Ireland usually don’t cover the contents of your van, particularly if these are tools or goods related to your business. You would typically need to add “goods in transit” or “tool” cover to your policy to protect against the loss or theft of items from your van. This additional cover can be crucial for many professionals who transport valuable equipment or goods as part of their work.

Q6: Can I use my van for both business and personal use?

Yes, many insurers in Ireland offer policies that cover both business and personal use of a van. However, it’s crucial to specify this when taking out a policy. Not all policies automatically cover personal use, and using your van outside of the specified usage without informing your insurer could invalidate your cover.